10 Well-Being Essentials In Your Cupboard

10 Well-Being Essentials In Your Cupboard


1. Manuka Honey – use in porridge or warm tea, be careful not to put it in hot temperatures that may destroy beneficial qualities

2. Flax seed – use in porridge, or sprinkle over yoghurt, salads, stir-fries

3. Wheat germ – great in banana smoothie, porridge or with milk/yoghurt

4. Udo oil – all omegas you may need to function well  in one dessert spoon twice daily

5. Almond butter - tasty with oats, packed with goodness

6. Cinnamon powder – boost metabolism to burn calories faster, help digestive system to work faster and more efficient.

7. Rolled oats (as they are not too heavy on a stomach as I personally found out) – gives fantastic energy kick in the morning

8. Bee pollen – sprinkle over yoghurt, don’t put in anything hot to avoid sensitive cell structure, fenomenal immunity booster

9. Raisins - really good for your heart, reach when fancy a sweet, better than any commercial produced sugary treat

10. Cacao powder – organic &  unsweetened,  sprinkle over porridge or even main dishes, you will be amazed with new flavour

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