We Are What We Eat!

We Are What We Eat!


”Each one of the substances of a man’s diet acts upon his body and changes it in some way and upon these changes his whole life depends whether he be in health, sickness or convalescent” – Hypocrites


Indeed, there is no doubt ”we are what we eat”. If we value our health, we must ensure that an adequate and well balanced diet is adhered to. The word ”diet” has become synonymous with the restriction or denial, yet the dictionary definition of diet is ”the usual food and drink of a person or animal”, there is no mention of special foods or restrictions. For many people food has become the great misery in their lives instead of a source of energy & pleasure.

At MissyFitty.com we are interested in your eating habits changes for a lifelong  period.  The food is the fuel for your body and you should feed it the best possible nutritious balanced diet which includes lots of :

Good Foods


lean meats

free range eggs

whole grains

root vegetables

essential good oils


low fat diary

filtered water/freshly squeezed juices

Moderation is key in everything, it’s when people overuse, overdo or in this case overeat – creates a problem, even butter is really good for you and has got important fats to keep hair, skin and nails in good condition, every product in our food chain can be made as beneficial unless human starts consuming higher doses of it or too often. An occasional treat won’t harm, what harms is you is your own habit of having it too many times or too much of it. You make your choices,  today you are a sum total of the choices you made in the in the past. So now, stand up in front of the mirror and who do you see there? :-)

It’s a real fun to discover your new self and there is no better reward for it as your raised self worth, radiant & vibrant health, high energy levels and more excitement about the life that awaits in front. When you start feeling great you won’t be allured by all the greasy fattening food anymore, your well-being and high energy power will cost more than the taste of your ”favorite” food and feeling deflated while trying to digest man made fast foods, lets not kid each other and agree on the fact that fast food is not what nature intended for us to be consuming, no wonder the diseases and other human ”malfunctions” are rising with a speed pf light. Plus, try changing the dialogue when you eat ”well-being offending food”, many people say it’s so tasty and they can’t resist it, they give such meaning to it themselves, reverse this by saying to yourself: ”it’s yak, it’s awful, it creates so much acid in my body and robs me of vital compounds needed for functioning like superhuman!”  It should work surely. You want to be your best, don’t you?!


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