Positive Thinking

How Positive Thinking Are You?


Have you noticed that when you think about a past holiday you find yourself feeling a sense of peace? Have you also noticed when you think of a bad past situation that your stomach can ‘get in a knot’. What do you think causes these ‘feelings’?

It is proven that what we think about, good or bad, ┬áresults in certain chemicals (neurotransmitters) being released to stimulate the body and create how we “feel”. It is important to remember that everything you think about impacts your body and regular thoughts can hard wire a response, which can be good or bad.


Pavlovs Dogs


Pavlov was a famous Russian scientist that proved how we can become hardwired to feel a certain way, it is called conditioning and effects everything. Have you noticed when you think of your favorite food how you begin to salivate?

You don’t even need to imagine in great detail, the slightest thought of it and your body will start to react. Now imagine a time before you had even tasted this food. If you thought of eating the food you had never tasted you would have very little or no response.

It is the same with all our reactions, for example feeling excited at the thought of a holiday or a birthday. Everything you think creates a response, and the more you think it, the more easily you will feel a certain way. This is why, if you are overly anxious in many situations, your body will learn (condition itself) to feel anxious in all the situations in which you felt anxious before.

So remember, watch your thoughts, they will create how your body feels daily and eventually create your resting feeling. How do you feel right now? Relaxed? If not, what are you thinking to create the other feelings?

Heavy or Slim – You decide


Do you ‘feel’ how you want to be? Do you ‘feel’ slim, attractive and athletic? You may not ‘be’ the you of your dreams yet, but your mind needs to go there first. So be clear, what weight do you want to be, how active do you want to be and tell yourself the 50/50.

Whats the 50/50 MissyFitty?


This is an exercise for you to achieve your vision. Whatever goal you have for yourself, summarise it in one easy sentence: For example:

‘I am slim, attractive and vibrant. I enjoy healthy foods and love an active life.’

So, you have your mantra, your goal, your vision. 50 times on a morning and fifty times before you sleep repeat this to yourself, preferably out loud and move your body and say it like you mean it.

Put the goal next to your mirror and by your bed. Look at yourself and see yourself as the person you were destined to be.

Do this for 21 days and be amazed at the results!



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