Modern days culprits

Modern days culprits – how convenience becomes more important than your own well-being. Watch out!


Where will the human race end up I often wonder?! The environment has changed a lot and I think we people should be blamed for it, people do a lot of good to increase levels of comfort but it comes at an expense i.e human beings health. Just look at the ingredients list at the back label of your shower gel… what are these names, I hardly can pronounce them, so what are we putting on our skin and in our bodies? Hygiene care products and the food chain have a massive amount of  ”alien” man made chemicals that cause allergies and different sorts of skin reactions, hormone imbalances and etc. Why do people have such an enormous desire for self destruction?! God only knows…

My purpose here is to make you aware of things like weird chemicals, E numbers, preservatives and so on. Be mindful, check labels. You may say that you don’t want to waste your time checking labels, and it’s ridiculous, well this is entirely up to you, but the truth and facts are that people are becoming sick like never before and certainly there’s someone or something to blame for it. I usually get really annoyed when I like something and then after checking a label I put it back on the shop shelf. I have to say that I found some really good products which I buy from well known sources and shopping these days is absolutely stress free.


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