Folk remedies

Folk remedies – living one with nature


Common colds & flu


1. Manuka honey and fresh lemon soothing drink mixture – boil the water and pour in a cup let is stand so it isn’t very hot otherwise it’ll destroy the beneficial properties of honey if it’s above 38 ‘ degrees, put 1 or 2 tsp of Manuka honey, peel the lemon’s skin off  and slice a quarter of it in a cup, using a teaspoon squeeze the slices inside the cup and stir the honey until fully dissolved.


2. Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It is used as a sealant for unwanted open spaces in the hive. Incredible stuff. You can gargle it, take it internally with a little warm water,  also use externally on cuts, eczema, infected areas. Give it a go, you won’t regret though it’s got a bitter taste I warn you, no complaints. It’ll worth it :-)


3. Echinacea – tincture using droplet


4. Ginger – raw, by boiling with a little water and drinking with honey or oil


5. Garlic – if you can’t eat it raw, half cook it so it’s beneficial properties are not destroyed


6. Elderberry - tincture


7. Cough remedy - boil one lemon slowly for 10 minutes.  This softens the lemon so more juice gotten out of it. Cut the lemon in two and extract  the juice with a lemon squeezer, pour the juice into drinking glass. Add 2 tbs of glycerine, stir well, then fill up drinking glass with honey. If you have a coughing spell during the day, take one teaspoonful. Stir with a spoon before taking.  Take at the regular intervals 3-4 times a day.


8. Zinc – number 1 supplement for fighting viral infections.


9. Vitamin C  – use powder for better and quicker absorption, helping your immune system to fight any ”uninvited guests”, such as cold and flu germs


10. Cold and Flu Chest Rub

1 drop ginger oil

1 ounce any carrier oil i.e vegetable or olive

2 drops frankincense oil

2 drops rosemary

2 drops thyme oil

3 drops eucalyptus oil

4 drops pine oil

Place carrier oil in a container, add the essential oils and blend. Massage the oil over your chest and back several times daily until your symptoms start to wane.


10. Nasal Sinusitis Treatment – when inflammation of the one or more of the sinuses appears, it generally develops on an alkaline-urine-reaction background. When honeycomb is chewed, the urine reaction is shifted from alkaline to acid, showing how quickly honeycomb brings about the change in body chemistry. Take one chew of honeycomb every hour for four to six hours. Chew each amount for 15 minutes and discard the remains.


11.  Foods that contain infection fighting compounds

* Bell peppers – help immune system to fight cold germs

* Blueberries – block the attachment of bacteria causing chemicals

* Carrots – boost the immune system and fight infection

* Chilli peppers – contains antibacterial agents and antioxidants

* Cranberries – have strong antiviral and antibiotic properties

* Mushrooms (Asian, including shiitake) – a great antiviral flu treatment

* Mustard (including horseradish) – acts as a decongestant

* Onion – powerful anti-inflammatory and antiviral

* Pineapple – antiviral& anti-inflammatory

* Plum – Antiviral

* Raspberry – high in natural aspirin and antiviral

* Soybean – active antiviral

* Strawberry – antiviral

* Tea (black, oolong and green, but not herbals) – ingredients catechin makes it antibiotic and antiviral

* Yoghurt – boosts immune system by spurring activity of killer cells to attack viruses





 Herbal Remedies



Allergies – garlic, stinging nettle, gingko


Cuts & scrapes – tea tree oil, calendula, plantain ( all external)


Earache - echinacea, garlic, mullein


Headache – peppermint oil (external, rub temples lightly using a few drops), lavender oil (external, rub temples lightly using a few drops), fewerfew, willow


Heartburn – angelica, chamomile (drink infusion), peppermint (drink infusion)


Indigestion – chamomile, ginger, peppermint (drink infusion)


Low Back Pain - cayenne pepper (external, put just a pinch in body lotion or oil)


Motion Sickness – ginger (drink infusion)


Stress – kava kava, valerian (tincture)







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