Kettlebell Power

Kettle bell Power & Strength, Weight Loss and Cardio Shred


Kettle bell is wonderful way of exercising and here are the reasons why:


It doesn’t require a lot of time to have a fantastic cardio weight loss workout

10 minutes of kettle bell routine burns as much or more calories than 30 minutes using cardio machine

It uses all the muscle groups in our bodies just doing one move with a kettle bell

Achieves your fitness goals be it weight loss or toning up, strength or power in a very reasonable time frame

With kettle bells your workouts are fast and effective, they are fun and never boring


It’s my favorite way of exercising, since I start using kettle bell I honestly can’t stop :-) You will feel so much more energetic after working out using a kettle bell and the results won’t let you down! Give it a go! Even 5-10 minutes routine in the morning will start jump your day with lots of power and stamina, you won’t be the same ever again, you’ll feel absolutely pumped up and ready to face the day in a new way!


My Quick Morning Routine using 5 kg Kettle bell


20 Swings

20 Squats

20 Round the World (10 each way)

20 Windmill (10 each way)

20 Lunge & Loop  (10 each leg)

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